Association Insurance Partner


Partner Program


Associations are set up as a central resource for a certain profession or activity and to bring together the common needs and purpose of a specific membership.


Members of associations are commonly looking for guidance on the insurance implications and the cover considerations that impact their profession, activity or group.


At Earth insurance we are excited to have the opportunity to hear about the changing needs of a group, to work with them to facilitate their needs through research and then negotiate with Insurers on behalf of that group. We have also found that Insurers often have the ability to include financial benefits and greater cover when there is many insureds in consideration.


As an Association insurance partner of Earth insurance, we promise more than sourcing common insurance programs for the members, we will source information relevant to their insurance requirements as a whole and provide this to the members, this information could be provided by the insurers as examples of common causes of claims or could be emerging legislation changes

That could impact insurance requirements.


When there is support to a common insurance program from the membership, this often becomes a new income stream for its association, which in turn improves the financial ability of the association to service its members.  



Association Liability Insurance 

In addition to providing services to the members of the association,Earth insurance also has the ability to source Insurance cover for the association itself, this can include Association Liability Insurance and many other common business insurances such as Property Insurance, Events Liability and Cyber Insurance. 


Designed for not-for-profit organisations, this insurance covers the office bearers and employees against personal liability for breaches of their duties as well as the organisation’s liability.


This includes...

association liability cover for claims against the association

professional indemnity cover for the provision of professional services

employment practice liability such as wrongful dismissal or discrimination claims

office bearer's liability cover and association reimbursement for claims against directors, officers and employees of the association

representation expenses at official investigations or inquiries

fidelity cover, and optional tax audit insurance.