Our Carbon Neutral Policy 



We believe that any business can now operate without the use of Paper and use energy resources in a more efficient way.


It has historically been common for Insurance Brokers to provide almost all of their services on paper, however as almost all of the population now has access to e-mail, social media and the internet, this is no longer the most effective.


Earth Insurance is committed to a paperless policy and is committed to the preservation of the natural environment across Australia and the world.  


As part of this commitment, we operate as if we were still using paper in our outgoing costs, however instead of using these costs on paper and printing, we have an allocation of this cost for every paying client. At the end of the year these allocations are consolidated and paid to a tree planting organization “15 Trees” http://www.15trees.com.au/about/ or www.carbonneutral.com.au


For every $4.30 allocated in the paper and printing allocation “15 Trees” will plant 1 Tree.


We encourage every client to meet with us and it is often essential that we are with you in your work environment to discuss your insurance program, we will try to use the most energy-efficient form of transport to meet with you and if we need to fly or drive then we commit to contribute to the carbon offset tree planting program with “15 trees”


We also use the carbon neutral calculator for our consumption as a business http://carbonneutral.com.au/carbon-calculator/ and include this in our contribute to tree planting allocation.


If you have had the pleasure of seeing the Great Barrier Reef, you will know that this is one the worlds best natural assets and most beautiful places to visit or live in Australia. Since 1985 the reef has lost more than half of its coral and it is predicted that the Great Barrier Reef will end in 2030. This means that we will be the last generations to experience this reef, however we can help to preserve and sustain this. The Australian economy needs industry and we encourage import or export, however we ask that everyone looks at ways to preserve the natural environment in Australia.


In an Insurance and Risk perspective, population is increasing at a rapid rate and consumption is higher than its ever been, the human impacts on the planet are significant and we will see more major catastrophic events. All we can do is make sure our clients are well prepared as an Insurance Partner and limit our carbon contributions where we can.